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Write PRAYER and what it's about, så will me send it further to our prayerteam, which wants to pray for you!

(You decide if you write your name, God knows...)

We try to answer as soon as we can!


Do you receive healing or another kind of prayeranwer, would we be

pleased to hear from you!

Some examles of prayeranwers/healing:



* Pain over the whole body what has been there over a long time dissappeared.


* Healing from Ischias pains


* Fear disappeared


* Dyslexi/lreading disability disappeared


* Abnormal soon recovery after an operation of a knee-pr av operasjon av kne-prosthesis


* Wry jaw which would be operated, came in place instantaneously!


* Voice came back after a stroke


* Young man with depression felt much better after prayer

* Mother from 3 children with hypothyreoid over 8 years and was tired and down the whole time, found out that her bloodsamples had changed after prayer. She got more energy and could take less tablets. The docters could see that the function of her thyreoid had startet to increase.

* A baby who was born in a very bad condition became totally healed.

* A man with cancer in the prostat felt healing while we prayed on the phone. He became much better, and didn't need as much go to the toalet. While operated for what was left, the operation didn't get the complications the docters were afraid for. He got a very soon recovery.





A little serie from prayerlogg from our motherministry. All honnor to Jesus as our healer!



A lady calt on the phone and had a far advanced illness. Could hardly breathe. Was prayed for.

Called back after 2 days. Testified full healing Medications not needed anymore.

Same lady called for a week and asked for prayers for severe abdominal pain. Was instantly relieved from pain during prayer.

Severe headache

Lady prayed for in the meeting, instantaneously healed.



Prayer for a lady with deep depression.

After some weeks she was totally healed. Free for medisines and is happy for every day.Forbønn for dame med med djup depresjon.

Pain in ear and jaw

Pryaer for a lady with pain in ear and jaw, became fine.


Feedback day after: Fell asleep after prayer. Woke painless and had a nice day.

Really believe in divine intervention


Accident wih a to

Prayed for a lady with pain in het to after an accident.

Feedback, pain in her to disappeared after prayer.


High bloodpressure and heartrhythm disorder

He was very


Was very paget and lay mostly to bed.

Feedback few weeks: Both problem disappeared after prayer. In full formr again.


Damaged wrist

Prayed for the man his writ after a bicycle-accedent.

Instantaneously healed



Damaged nekk

Prayed fro an older man with pain in the nekk after he felt.

He couldnæt hold his head up, neighter could he move it.

Skadet nakke

Ba for eldre mann med vond nakke etter fallulykke.

Kunne ikke rette opp hodet , ei heller snu det.

Instantaneously recovery

   Sorry, here we stopped with translation, we will continue later !!


Smerter i hofte

Forbønn for mann med smerter i hofte.

Tilbakemelding: Smertene flytter seg nedover i beina og er kommet under knea. Avtagende.


Smerter i hofte

ad for kvinne under møte i en kirke.

Store smerter i hoftene. Ble øyeblikkelig bra



Forbønn for mann med nerveproblemer.

Ble mye bedre allerede neste dag



Bedt for mann med diabetes og problem med vannlatinga.

Tilbakemelding få dager etter: Medisinmengda for diabetes

redusert til halvparten. Positiv



Forbønn for dame med leddgikt i håndleddet.

Ringte tilbake kort tid etter: Helbredet.



Forbønn for dame med fotvorte som forvolder smerte.

Tilbakmelding: Fotvorta borte etter 2-3. Dager



Bedt for mann med KOHLS. God forbedring, nesten medisinfri.


Bectrev sykdom

Ung kvinne bedt for. Helbredet momentant


19. år gammel gutt med bectrev sykdom. Momentant helbredet ved forbønn. Begynnte å trene med fotballaget og ble toppskårer det året. (3. divisjon)



Kvinne med bare et nyre, og det var sykt, ble bedt for. Utsiktene var transplantasjon. Bad om at nyret skulle bli friskt og at hun skulle få tilbake det nyret som var fjernet. Nyret ble helt friskt og vokste til dobbel størrelse og ifg. legene fungerer det for 2



Bedt for baby med store magesmerter. Helbredet








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